The Awakened Podcast Host

My name is Brad. I consider myself an awakened soul guided by God to create positive change in the world through truth. Over the course of my life, God has put me in certain places to see and experience a variety of things so that I can share my testimony with others. I'm being called to share my truth and help Awaken those whose souls are asleep so that they, too, may join the fight against the rulers and authorities of this world and the spiritual forces of evil in the spiritual realm.

I've always been the type of person to go against the grain and challenge conventional ways of thinking. For most of my adult life I have watched the countless lies and subversion that's being intentionally caused by the dark energy of this world and beyond. I've watched the destruction of families, the draining of life and energy from the helpless, and the countless ways that we as human beings are being manipulated. I've decided to no longer sit quietly and watch this happen.

Are You Awake?

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