The 33rd Parallel

February 13, 2024

Geographically-speaking, the 33rd parallel is the 33º line of latitude North of the Equator. It’s a small, 80 mile wide region of the world that goes all the way around the world where some bizarre things have happened (and are still happening!) throughout history. In this episode, I list out as many strange things as I can think of that have happened in the United States and around the world, and I give my thoughts on what the 33rd parallel actually is. Warning: it gets a little scientific near the end so feel free to skip that part if you want.

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Geographically, the 33rd parallel is the 33º line of latitude North of the Equator. It’s a small, 80 mile wide region of the world that goes all the way around the world where some bizarre things have happened.

How I Started Down This Path

I remember many years ago hearing about the 33rd parallel on various paranormal shows, etc. I even remember looking it up but often came up short because there wasn’t much information on the topic online. But then I had the idea of doing a search on Google Maps to see where the 33rd parallel crossed. I was surprised to find that it crossed all of these locations where paranormal things took place throughout history. I was also surprised to find out that it crossed right directly over the house I grew up in (in a National Forest near Charleston, SC). So, naturally I started recalling all of these different stories and local legends from our area. Then I started asking family and friends if they had any weird experiences. I was shocked to find out that many people had an array of supernatural and paranormal experiences. I heard stories about cryptid encounters such as pukwudgies and bigfoot, orbs, ufos, and ghosts. I even found a video of UFOs that were filmed directly over my mom and dad's house.

All of these stories were super interesting to me,  so I decided to keep looking into it. The dots that I started connecting to other places on the 33rd parallel rapidly began to pile up. Here are a few of what I am assuming are probably thousands of strange things that have happened on the 33rd just in the United States:

United States

  • Bermuda Triangle (mysterious disappearance of planes and ships throughout all of history, also an extinct volcano called the Bermuda Pedestal. Bermuda itself is a volcanic seamount)
  • Charleston, SC (home of the 33rd degree Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, also a major fault line)
  • Moncks Corner, SC (home of a Trappist Monastery called Mepkin Abbey)
  • Mars Bluff, SC (nuclear bomb accidentally fell but didn’t detonate)
  • Lake City, SC is home to Ron McNair, an astronaut who died in the Challenger explosion. Also giant cross. In fact, there are giant crosses exactly like this one that can be seen in every state on the 33rd parallel.
  • Bishopville, SC (Home of the Lizardman of Scape Ore Swamp)
  • Columbia, SC (cities underneath lakes 200 ft down) – in fact, all lakes in SC are located on the 33rd parallel and are used as major electricity sources for the state of SC.
  • Georgia Guidestones were just off the 33rd parallel on the 34.2 parallel.
  • Washington, GA (The location where Shane Cashman had his experiences, and the inspiration for one of the chapters in his book Tales from The Inverted World.
  • Atlanta, GA (the New Hollywood)
  • Jackson City, MS (where there is a volcano underneath the capitol building)
  • The Crossroads where the musician Robert Johnson famously sold his soul to the devil for musical success (Near Clarksdale, MS)
  • Greenville, MS (Winterville Mounds)
  • Birmingham, AL (Statue of Liberty, a NASA headquarters used to be)
  • Tuscaloosa, AL (Moundville Pyramids)
  • Fouke, AR (Fouke Monster)
  • Rockwall, TX (home of Alex Jones) has a giant wall and they have found giants bones. Rockwall is also where the ranch is located where 4 of the 5 Red Heifers that are to be sacrificed came from.
  • Dallas, TX (sacrifice of JFK)
  • Waco, TX (the famous Branch Davidian standoff)
  • Roswell, NM (Roswell UFO Crashes - July 8,1947)
  • Los Alamos National Lab, NM - White Sands Proving Ground near Bingham, NM (First Nuclear Bomb Test - code name Trinity)
  • Arizona Meteor Crater (Barringer Crater), AZ
  • Snowflake, AZ (Sitgreaves National Forest where the abduction of Travis Walton occurred)
  • The Superstition Mountains in the Lost Dutchman State Park
  • Phoenix, AZ (The Phoenix Lights - March 13th, 1997))
  • The LUCIFER Telescope (Mt. Graham, AZ) - Lucifer is a Large Binocular Telescope. Each of the two telescopes is equipped with three single beam instruments: a prime focus camera, an optical spectrograph (MODS), and a near-infrared instrument (LUCI, formerly LUCIFER). Spectroscopy is the study of the absorption and emission of light and other radiation by matter. It involves the splitting of light (or more precisely electromagnetic radiation) into its constituent wavelengths (a spectrum), which is done in much the same way as a prism splits light into a rainbow of colours. This is used in MRI's and X-Rays today. LUCIFER has to be used at a very low temperature called cryogenic temperatures.
  • Skinwalker Ranch is on the 34th parallel, about 80 miles from the 33rd parallel.
  • San Diego, CA (USS Nimitz tic-tac video)
  • Los Angeles, CA (Battle of Los Angeles, February 24th, 1942)
  • Joshua Tree, CA (where all sorts of rituals occur, and home of 29 Palms)
  • Anaheim, CA (where Disneyland is located...said to have portals). Club 33.
  • Goldstone Observatory in CA (Deep Space Communications Center)
  • Catalina Islands (UFO activity and alleged underwater alien bases)
  • Countless national forests, Indian reservations, wildlife reserves, and observatories

The 33rd parallel isn’t just landlocked to the United States. Like I said, this line extends all the way around the world. Here are a few things of note in the Middle East and Asia:


  • Allegedly it’s where the lost City of Atlantis was/is.
  • Beirut, Lebanon (Beirut Bombings)
  • Israel
    • Lake Tiberias (The sea of Galilee)
    • Mount Hermon (where Jesus had his transfiguration, also where the 33% of fallen Angels fell to Earth, also a NATO base on top of it now)
    • Nazareth (where Jesus was born)
    • Calvary (where Jesus was crucified)
    • Temple Mount
  • Abbottabad (where Bin Laden was killed)
  • Kashmir (energy vortex, countless stories about Jin and ghosts)
  • Fallujah (famous battlefield area in Iraq)
  • Baghdad, Iraq
    • War
    • Ancient Mesopotamia/Babylon)
    • Garden of Eden
  • Kabul, Afghanistan (Afghan War)
  • Damscus, Syria (war)
  • Tibet (monasteries)
  • Mount Kailash (aka the energy center of Earth, also where a pyramid is located). People who spend time there have accelerated hair and nail growth due to a vortex of energy. Many Buddhists go here to worship. Buddhists say that their three main bodhisattvas (baa – dah – saat – vuhs): all live.
  • Tons of pyramids (allegedly) throughout China
  • Nagasaki & Hiroshima (where nuclear bombs were detonated)

Of course there’s always numerology associated with these types of stories. Here are a few things I have picked up on with the number 33.


  • FDR, 33rd president, signed the banking act of 1933, added the Latin phrase Novus ordo seclorum, which means New Order For the Ages (AKA NEW WORLD ORDER) on the back of the dollar in 1935 before he got out of office. He died in Georgia on the 33rd and was a 33rd degree free mason. It should be noted Truman was the 33rd president on paper. Perhaps that was the real Truman Show?
  • Jesus was 33, born near the 33rd, crucified near the the 33rd, performed 33 miracles in the bible, had his transfiguration on the 33rd
  • Covid - 33 everywhere (33 confirmed cases in every state, 33,000 deaths, etc.) It also started on 3/11.)
  • The flower of life has 33 spheres
  • Ice freezes at 33
  • 33 vertebrae in the human body
  • Frequency of communications from Earth to Space is 33 ghz.  In February 2001, the FCC asked Congress if this frequency could be allocated to the Department of Defense in preparation for a big event that was supposed to happen. 9/11 happened 7 months later.
  • 33 appears a lot with the events that happened on 9/11. For example, Mohamed Atta was 33, 33 crew members in total died in all of the plane crashes, Air Force 1 landed in Shreveport that day on the 33rd parallel, United Flight 93 had 33 passengers, and the post 9/11 GI Bill (aka Chapter 33) was created to help get service-members through college.

If that’s not enough to get your truther juices flowing, think about this: tons of super famous, even iconic and historic American figures were born on the 33rd parallel.

Very Famous People

  • Joe Louis
  • Hank Williams Jr. and Sr.
  • Marylin Monroe
  • Elvis
  • Jesse Owens
  • Nat King Cole
  • Hank Aaron
  • Johnny Cash
  • Bear Bryant
  • James Earl Jones
  • Rosa Parks
  • Martin Luther King Jr
  • Hellen Keller
  • Harper Lee – To Kill Mockingbird
  • William Faulkner
  • Jim Henson
  • BB King
  • Oprah Winfrey
  • Kanye West
  • James Brown
  • Hulk Hogan
  • Jesus

The list goes on and on. There are literally thousands of absurdly famous people who come from this region of the world. From musicians to writers, to actors, to Nobel Prize winners, and beyond. I’m not exactly sure what to make of all of these celebrities except for the fact that it can’t be coincidental. I think they may be starseeds because of the excessive amounts of energies emanating from these areas.

So, What Do I Think the 33rd Parallel Is?

I think the 33rd parallel is a really big ley line that spans a large area of land and sea all the way around the Earth. Ley Lines are essentially a stronger than normal electromagnetic field in a particular area of earth.

What Causes Them?

These ley lines are areas where telluric currents are swirling. Telluric currents are natural electric currents that flow on and beneath the Earth's surface, typically moving parallel to it. These currents seep out through cracks in the surface of the Earth such as volcanoes, streams, springs, fault lines, caves, fissures, etc. You'll notice that a lot of highly anomalous activity happens on, in, or near these areas. The electrical potential of these areas, combined with plasma, make them prime locations for anomalous activity.

Plasma Portals

The four states of matter are: Solid, liquid, gas, and plasma. If a solid is heated, it becomes a liquid. If a liquid is heated, it becomes a gas. If a gas is heated, it becomes ionized, aka plasma. These ionized particles of matter are kind of floating around in the atmosphere. Once the plasma is heated via the telluric current, a portal is created, which allows paranormal types of things to come through. These entities will come through in the form of whatever ionized plasma is in the atmosphere.  For example, if there are ions from decayed dead foxes, or deer, or bear, or whatever is in the area, then the cryptids that come through will take that shape. Remember, most paranormal sightings start in the form of a plasma ball of light. These are typically called orbs. These orbs usually morph into something else.

Past Civilizations

Native Americans used to call ley lines spirit lines and their religious Shaman’s used to use the electromagnetic energy in these lines to help them contact spirits. They would do low frequency chants to help them manifest spirits into the physical world through these ley lines. They would make ritual sacrifices to these spirits so they could walk the Earth in that form. Many other cultures like the Celtics throughout England, Ireland, and Scotland also built their Churches and graveyards on ley lines so they could communicate with their dead ancestors to enhance the lives of people living. I think the powers that be are aware of these ancient energies and are currently still using them. However, I think they’re using them to enhance their own lives rather than enhancing the lives of others.

Worship of the Fallen Angels

According to the Book of Enoch, 33% of Angels (200 of them) descended to Mt. Hermon (also on the 33rd) to mate with daughters of men. They became evil and corrupted. They devoured the flesh of all livings and drank the blood of men. The Great Flood washed away all of the evil but some remained. And I think world leaders are making sacrifices to them through the form of abduction, cattle mutilations, and other blood sacrifices.

Notice that every time there’s a major war or event, it either happens on the 33rd, there's some mention of the number 33 by our world leaders, or there's some sort of symbolic gesture. A recent example is the Ukraine and Russian war. The world governments are trying to get Ukraine to become the 33rd member of NATO. The sacrifice of JFK in Dallas, TX on the 33rd, underneath the 33rd overpass.

Broad-Casting, Spell-ing, & Tell-A-Vision

It should come as no surprise that Los Angeles, CA, aka the center of Hollywood, and Atlanta, GA, aka New Hollywood, are both located on the 33rd. I think this is done on purpose to amplify their message and reach as many people as possible. In fact, I think sometimes they’re casting spells from these harmonic energy grid centers. Perhaps that’s why it’s called broad-casting. And they do so through a medium called a tell-a-vision… to tell their vision. In other words, they are literally trying to manifest what they want through the harmonic frequencies of these ley lines. The high energy sort of amplifies their spells. Remember, our thoughts are nothing more than electromagnetic energy. So, if there is heavier-than-normal electromagnetic energy coming from these areas, then it is likely going to alter our vibrational patterns.

Spell-ing is the form of putting letters together to make a word. I think when they write laws, for example, they are writing spells. And I think many of these capitol cities are important areas of the harmonic grid. Maybe that’s why all or at least most of these capitol buildings have antennas on them? Perhaps it’s to broad-cast their message to the spirit world?

Bruce Cathie

In the 50s, 60s, 70s, and 80s a New Zealand pilot by the name of Bruce Cathie wrote a book called Harmonic 33. In this book, Cathie claimed to have seen UFOs on multiple occasions, which sparked his curiosity about what UFO's and USOs are. He became obsessed with the idea that these UFOs/USOs kept appearing in the same areas of New Zealand, which started him on a mission to chart sightings around the world. His research led him to create a new form of mathematics, which he calls harmonics. What he concluded was that there was in fact a World Grid that he believed extraterrestrials were using as motive transportation. He theorized that frequencies coming from these grid lines created a harmonic resonance that effects mass and gravity at a specific point in space and time. He proposed that at some point in time this grid system was destroyed by a cataclysm and that ETs were currently re-building it. Bruce points to craters such as the Barringer Meteor Crater in Arizona as evidence of this destroyed grid. He points out of the craters are too perfectly circle and straight down to be caused by asteroids coming from space at an angle. He even demonstrated how his grid lines crossed areas where nuclear bombs were being detonated. He proposed that nuclear bombs could not have nowhere near as big of an impact as they could when the harmonic energies of Earth are lined up with the harmonic energies of the Sun. A nuclear bomb would have to be detonated at a precise time of day in order for it to have mass effect. He stopped short of making a connection to US government involvement of the destruction of this grid line, but I would propose that the US Government were the ones who intentionally destroyed it and are currently working to prevent the ET's from re-building it. I made the connection that most of the nuclear bombs that have dropped around the world have done so on the 33rd parallel. Nagasaki and Hiroshima are on the 33rd, so is the White Sands Proving Grounds where the first nuclear bomb was tested. There was also one that "accidentally" fell in Mars Bluff, SC on the 33rd. Also one in Georgia. It can't be a coincidence that all of these nuclear bombs were dropped on the same line.

Wrapping Up

I wouldn’t go so far as to say that the 33rd parallel is the only region of Earth where strange things happen, but it definitely seems like some sort of epicenter of energy. I also wouldn’t go so far as to say that it’s the ENTIRE 33rd parallel that these strong energies reside. I would think that there are probably little vortexes of telluric currents that appear in certain locations of these areas rather than on the entire line. I think of the 33rd parallel as the main circuit board, or central nervous system, of this holographic reality we're living.

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